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Festival Of Flight Cool Free Items Cheats!

August 14, 2009

Hello Pengs! Have you check out the new super cool Festival Of Flight party? Its one of the best! Oh and there are some new pretty cool free items aswell!

Lets start off with non-members free item first! Go to the Plaza, and pick up the non-members free item: the Green Propeller Hat!

Now for the Member’s free item! First, go to the Forest, and go on the Balloon Ride!

Wait untill you land on the Tallest Mountain, then grab the Members-only free item: The Jet Pack!!

Heres how you look when you Fly (just dance) with the Jet Pack

I think the Jet Pack is super cool! What about you guyz?

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  1. Pingu Ninja2 permalink
    August 14, 2009 11:29 am

    Can u come to my party?It would be honor to have u there! 😀

    When? Saturday,15,August,09

    Time? 11 am pst

    Where? Freezer Lighthouse

    Hope u come dude! 😉

    ~Pingu Ninja2~

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