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Screenhog Posts About Stage History!

March 20, 2009

Hey Guyz! Screenhog has posted about the Stage History at the Club Penguin Blog! Check it out!

The Stage came into existence sometime in November 2007. Here is how the place between the Pet Shop and the Pizza Parlor looked like before:


Earlier, penguin used to hang out at these tables with friends, but the place still looked kinda empty and Club Penguin always wanted to put a building there.What should it be? Another shop? A bowling alley? Perhaps, hundreds of penguins with jetpacks lift the Dojo from the top of its mountain and drop it there?

Then, Club Penguin noticed how there were a lot of penguins that were pretending to do all sorts of things on Club Penguin that we didn’t have yet… going to school, being superheroes, even going into space! What if they built a place that would change every month so that penguins could do all of those things? And that’s why the stage was built. As an addition, the very artistic, Yellow Puffle also came into being!


So… what do you guyz think of the history lesson? 😉


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