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Party Postponed! :(

February 5, 2009

Hey Guyz! I am really sorry!!! I was there for the party for around 5 minutes, when I lost my internet connection (thx to my bro)!! Well, I tried re-logging  but till I got the system up again it was way too late! Well, the party has now been postponed to next Wednesday instead, same time same place.

Incase you can’t read what the banner reads, then heres what it says-

Tykerq’s 8000 hits + 500 days old party

When: Wednesday, 11th of February

Where: Tykerq’s Igloo on map

Server: Mammoth

Time: 9 am PST

Hope You Can Come!

And here are some of the cool stuff going to be there-

  • A small video of the party 
  • 3 featured penguins
  • A place for 5 buddies in my buddy list!!

The party will start at my iggy, but we will move around Club Penguin Island also!

Hope you guyz will be there!


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  1. oliball permalink
    February 5, 2009 4:35 pm

    hey tykerq i was there but i didnt see you i wondered if you already had the party but i guess you didnt.O yea and i quit my blog

  2. February 5, 2009 5:33 pm

    Oh thats very sad Oliball!
    I have a brainhaired scheme which is gonna come out in a while … keep tuned in! 😉

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