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Club Penguin Times Issue # 165 !

December 11, 2008

Hey Guys ! Check out the latest Club Penguin Times ! Its the issue 165 !

Captain Rockhopper will be landing on the Club Penguin Island on 12th of Dec ! Hes been planning something for us !

There will a special version of the Treasure Hunt game and he will also set up a booth of coins for exchange on his ship !

Coins For Change id also returning on Dec 12 ! So many things tomorrow ! This year we will be donating to –

*Kids who are sick

*Kids who are poor and can’t go to the school

*Kids without parents or hurt by war

And theres also going to be an Igloo Decorating contest the day the Christmas Party Starts ! ( Dec 19 )


And the Tour in Focus is about Coin For Change itself!

Next, the secret section is about 2 different hidden items in catalogs !

And lastly, the upcoming events !

Gosh! So many things happening tomorrow! The stage, Rockhopper, Coin For Change, New Post Cards …. I can’t wait for them!

And lets just hope Rockhopper brings a new free item !

To Read The Newspaper Yourself, Click Here!

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