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The Mysterious Dojo Re-Opened !

November 14, 2008

Hey guys ! The Dojo has re-opened to a grand success ! Check it out !

This is how the Dojo Exterior looks now!


Now, if you waddle over the right , you can find the latest free item! The Geta Sandals!


And this is how the Dojo Interior looks now !


Also If you wait for time above “Until Gong Shows” sign, like the pic below …..

….. Then a gong will appear and above the gong will be “Git The Gong With Snowballs” ! Its still a mystery though what happens when you hit the gong with snowballs because the gong just rings when hit with snowballs.


And check this out ! This may be the place where the new card game might appear !


Also , if you look at the map , they changed “Dojo” to “Dojo Courtyard” . You will also land in the Dojo Exterior AKA Dojo Courtyard directly when you go from the map .

In Other News – There is a super duper sneak peak for the new play at stage ! Check it out !


Although, the theme looks like a kind of village house in my opinion , but theres a modern looking cassette player ! Quite a mystery !



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