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Club Penguin Ninja Mania !

November 12, 2008

Hey guys ! There are ninjas everywhere in Club Penguin! Check it out !

You can find them at the Town , Mountain , Plaza and the Lighthouse !

(In this one , I also found cena12121 ! I sent him buddy requests but he didn’t accept though …. his buddy list might be full)


Also check out the Dojo ! There will be a training starting from november 17th and the Dojo exterior has also been updated !

Dig or Drill, Just Don’t Stand Still !

Also they check out the map update !

Also theres a hidden ninja poster in the dojo !


  1. Go to the Dojo
  2. Click the 5 light bulbs lighting the staircase
  3. Now click on the ” Wear A Hard Hat ” board

Thats all the ninja stuff for now !

Oh and Club Penguin is also restarting the “Coins For Change” project again where you get to donate your Club Penguin coins for real money which will go to the poor people around the world !


Click Here To Watch The Update Video !

On Other News – Our Secret Agents Mission Guide is out ! Check it out by clicking “Secret Agents Mission Guide”  at the top !



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