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November Catalog Sneak Peak

November 6, 2008

Hey guys ! There is a sneak peak of the November clothing catalog which will come out this Friday (tomorrow right ?). 


Its all going to be for the winter season I guess . Also there will be a new wigs catalog coming out the same day as the clothing one.

Oh  , and in honor of the special Guy Fawkes Day in the UK, there are fireworks in Club Penguin at the mountain and the iceberg ! Check it out !

I don;t know much about special Guys Fawkes day , those living in the UK might know about it . Thats all for now guys !

Later Update – The Thursday newspaper is also out ! Check out the upcoming events –

upcoming-eventsYes there is a severe damage at the dojo , but there are more Ninjas sightings than ever .

Even Later Notice – Hey guys ! Another new evidence for the ninja debut is coming into light ! Check it out!


  1. First go to page ” A4 ” in the newspaper.
  2. Then click the N , then I , then N in the ” lightning ” of the heading .
  3. Then click J of the ” Dojo “
  4. Then click the first A in the ” Damaged “

Then a sign like the one above will show up giving another proof that ninjas will be debuting in Cub Penguin ! The 3 elements of fire , water and ice might also refer to the trading card game ! 

The 3 elements are on the top left corner of the cards , so the 3 elements could refer to them also ! But we never know ! Something surprising might crop up ! 


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